Monday, March 16, 2015

And Here Is What the Guest Room/Craft Studio Looks Like Now…(Before I Turn It into My Studio)

My last post was about inspiration for my future craft studio.

Here is what it looks like now.

It's sort of cabin-y, rustic and has always been one of my favorite rooms.  I used to have a wing chair in there for sitting and reading, but we moved it to the library and slipcovered it in white denim.  I'm on the hunt for another one though, because I think a room for inspiration should have a comfy little reading spot.

I use a quilt as an inspiration board - I just pin things to it that make me smile.

The new space will be bright and colorful and those barn reds will be going away.  I'm going to miss them though.  The walls will no longer be grocery bag brown.  Well, that's what we called that color.

I love all my Scotch Plaid picnic pieces too. 

I really don't want to get rid of them.  But I don't think they'll quite fit in the new room.  Hmmm…..Baby Bee is a few years away from going to college.  Maybe I'll save them for when her room becomes the new guest room.  (It was the old guest room before she was born.  It was cute too and cabin-y.  I had two beds with white coverlets and red plaid dust ruffles and shams.  Somewhere I have pictures of it.  I'll have to find those someday.)

One of my favorite things in here are the curtains and the "rods."  

I bought those two bent willow fence pieces to use as headboards in the old guest room (before Baby Bee was born) but when that room became her nursery, I just couldn't part with them.  Sound like a familiar theme?  The chambray curtains I think I picked up at Target, but then never really used them.  Then one day, the inspiration fairy came for a visit and she made me think I could use those fence pieces as a valance and then tie the curtains onto them.  Seriously.  That is one of my favorite things and it will not be going away.

Did you notice the duck phone? When it rings it goes, "Wank, wank, wank, wank…….wank, wank, wank, wank."  Frankly, it scares the (you fill in the blank) out of folks who aren't expiating it.

 (Well you will now since I just put a picture here.)  When Worker Bee and I were first married and we lived in two bedroom apartments, the second bedroom was always an office.  This was in the early 1990s and Worker Bee decided he wanted a duck theme in there.  We even found a wing chair in hunter green (remember, it was the early 90s) with embroidered ducks on it.  In fact, it's the other wing chair in our library that's also covered with a denim slipcover.  (Don't tell anyone, but Worker Bee thinks ducks will come back in fashion one day and he'll get his duck chair back.  Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Eventually I will find a bigger china cabinet for out in the sunroom/dining room to store my dish hoard and when that happens, the old china cabinet will come live in the studio.  
I'm not sure if I'll keep the little armoire or not.  

(True story - in one of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion issues they used this same armoire for one of the cutest cottages ever and I was obsessed with getting one.  I believe it was from Wal-Mart.  Worker Bee went to every Wal-Mart in the valley trying to find one of these for me.  Isn't he a sweetheart?  So.  Maybe I can't get rid of this piece.  Too much sentimental value.  I originally used it in the kitchen to put the microwave in and the dream machine and other kitchen supplies.  It was great! Wow!  That was a very long parenthetical passage!)

So.  Now you know the story of the guest room/craft studio.

This is going to be fun!  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Guest Room/Future Craft Studio

Worker Bee and I have been talking.  That's a good thing.

We have a guest room that has also been functioning as a part-time crafts studio.  I love the room, but it doesn't quite function completely as either room.  

So, Worker Bee and I have been talking.  Okay, I might have been doing most of the talking but he nodded in agreement.  

We are going to turn the guest room into a full time craft studio!  YIPPEE!
And if you can't find it in a store, you can find it in this etsy shop.

I am so glad I picked up a copy of this magazine 'cause it has provided some SERIOUS inspiration.

In particular, this little work table set up is perfect for my little room.
It will involve a road trip to Ikea.  

This studio used this set of drawers from Ikea…
a hollow core door…….
and a trestle from Ikea.

And hopefully I'll be able to pick up one of these there too….

 And I have to get one of these from Harbor Freight.

And, of course, here are a few more images of studio inspiration….

All images from my Pinterest board: For the "Studio"

The project will get underway during our Spring Break.  That is if I can talk Worker Bee into that road trip.  There might have to be some serious bribery involved.  
Serious bribery.  

Do you have any suggestions or idea for my new studio?

Thanks for buzzing in!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

And So the Aqua Quest Continues...

I am so obsessed with my beachy colors these days.  

OBSESSED I tell you!

I was just innocently entering the shipping information for a recent etsy sale and I decided I needed to search for aqua/turquoise pottery while I was there.  

And, of course, I found something.
The real McCoy, you know.

Should be here in a few days!  Can't wait!

Wanna' see what else I found?

So, what random things do you search for on etsy?

Thanks for buzzing in!  Such a delight to see you!

P.S.  And thank you so much for your kind words from my last post.  That's one of the things I love about this community!
P.P.S.  I bought the basket weave McCoy planters, but the rest are available on etsy…….for now…..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Let's Just Pretend I've Been a Good Blogger, Shall We? PLUS Bonus Milagros!

Please go about your business and let's just all pretend that I've been posting projects and recipes and ideas here regularly, okay?  That way I can lift my head out of the deep pit of blogger shame I am in.

Agreed?  Good.

So.  I've been busy going to estate sales (and not listing on etsy or posting here) but I had to share something kind of fun I found recently.

First, my little cottage was built in 1951 (and I wish Chip and JoJo could work a bit of their magic on my kitchen/bathroom/living room/etc.) and my cute (but kinda' dated) kitchen has vintage pine wood paneling along some of the walls.  Why am I telling you this and what does it have to do with an estate sale?  Well, we went to the cutest little cottage - and it made my house feel like a mansion - on the second day and almost every wonderful bit of vintage fun had been picked over and sold off.  But the intrepid Worker Bee and I ventured into the garage which was filled with a lot of junk (as garages tend to do) but for some reason I looked down and found some cut pieces of this same gorgeous pine paneling that we have in our house.  (btw, ours is painted white) 

I knew I had at last found the perfect piece of wood for a project I've had in the back of my head for many years.  Do you ever have something like that happen?  Just all of a sudden the pieces fall in place and it's like something you'd totally forgotten about suddenly is solved!

You see, a few years ago, like maybe ten, Worker Bee and I had gone to that gorgeous town of Carmel and I had found these three milagros in a charming little shop.  
I bought three of them because we are a little family of 3 (and maybe because I like odd numbers too, but the story sounds better the other way) and I knew I wanted to put them on a piece of wood, but I knew I wanted the wood to have some character to it.  

You can just imagine the glee I felt when I saw this piece and how it connected to what we already had in our house and how I finally had the piece of wood that had the right character for my sweet milagros.  I bought every piece they had (which was 4) and I paid $2 for all of them! 

So, this weekend, along with several other projects I have in mind, we will nail these onto the board and then I will hang it in our living room!

What do you think of that?  And, no, I didn't dust or clean anything off, I was just THAT excited.  

So glad you've buzzed in for a visit.  Hope to see you again soon. 

P.S.  Cute indigo washi tape from a flash steal from Decor Steals!  I LOVE them!  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Have You Ever?

Have you ever found an etsy shop where you LOVE everything the seller makes???

Well, my dear friends, I have found one!  I am in LOVE!  (Shhhh…..what Worker Bee doesn't know can't hurt him, right?)

So.  I have to share this with you.  

First things first.  The name of the shop is – Slippin' Southern.

I'm not sure I've mentioned before, but both my grannies were from the south, so I do feel like I have a few southern sensibilities, although I dare not claim to be a real southerner.  

Enough of that.  
Let's get down to business and look at the fun and whimsical pretties!

 Santa grabbed my attention first...
 and then there was another one….
 and another one….
 and another.
Then I started poking around the Halloween signs….
 and found a couple more signs there that I might not be able to live without.
And then I had to check out the beach department…
 and found more treasures to drool over.
And then I had to check out the kitschy department (cause I love me some kitsch)…
I have a thing for giant flatware.   
But no need to worry about me.  
I can't be the only one with a thing for giant flatware, right?  
And then there was the Southern charm department….
 and how am I going to resist this jadeite hobnail cake plate???  
I can't even begin to add up how much all of these things would cost, 
but a bee can buzz, 

Well, you'll be the first one to know when I do get one of these fun folk art pieces!

Thanks for buzzing along with me!  
Always a treat to see you!